It's game on! It's game on! It's game on!

It's game on!

65,000 contestants. One Grand Prize winner!
Lufthansa Runway to Success Season 5 witnessed passion, challenge, triumph!
View the action at the Grand Finale and the crowning moment for Grand Prize winner, Deep Bajaj of PeeBuddy.

Episode Pioneer Name Date View
1 Prelude 04-Nov-2017 View Episode
2 Curtain Raiser 11-Nov-2017 View Episode
3 Roopa Kudva, MD, Omidyar Network 18-Nov-2017 View Episode
4 Zorawar Kalra, Founder & MD, Massive Restaurants 25-Nov-2017 View Episode
5 Devita Saraf, Founder, CEO, Design Head, VU Technologies 02-Dec-2017 View Episode
6 Gaurav Burman, Director, Dabur International 09-Dec-2017 View Episode
7 Neha Kant Founder, Clovia 16-Dec-2017 View Episode
8 Pramod Saxena, Founder & Chairman, Oxigen Services India 23-Dec-2017 View Episode
9 Ameera Shah, MD, Metropolis Healthcare 30-Dec-2017 View Episode
10 Masterclass with Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Board Member, TiE Delhi-NCR 06-Jan-2018 View Episode
11 Semi Finale 13-Jan-2018 View Episode
12 Grand Finale - Live 20-Jan-2018 View Episode
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Runway to Success Participants

Name Designation Company Name
Deep Bajaj Co-Founder Pee Buddy
Saahil Parekh Co-Founder Khetify
Chirag Gupta Co-Founder Deyor Camps
Rishab Suresh Co-Founder The Gourmet Jar
Pankaj Sharma Co-Founder Mr. Hot Foods
Asad Khan Co-Founder & COO Tpot
Divyanshu Poddar CEO & Co-founder Rocketeers
Summit Nayak Founder Member & VP-Business Staqu Technologies
Shubhi Agrawal Co-Founder Loco Buzz
Abhinav Parashar Co-Founder Digio
Sumeet Kumar Co-Founder Eantra
Vijayananda Reddy CEO & Co-Founder
Devika Srimal Founder Kanabis
Meghna Saraogi Founder StyleDotMe
Yogesh Mittal Founder EliteString Apparels
Karthikeyan Krishnan Founder Fastura Technologies
Arjun Chakraborti President & CEO TrakInvest
Mukesh Bubna Founder & CEO Monexo FinTech
Dr. Rasmi Mishra Co-Founder AllizHealth
Shilpa Malik Co-Founder Bioscan Research
Arita Abrol Co-Founder Mr. Med
Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

The Season 5 Viewers' Choice Award winner is Yogesh Mittal, Founder, EliteString Apparels!
Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and votes!

Name:Yogesh Mittal

Company: EliteString Apparels

Founded by a brother duo Yogesh Mittal and Neeraj Mittal, EliteString Apparels specialises in intimate clothing. It's brand La Intimo is India's first premium innerwear brand for men. EliteString Apparels has its own online store and also sells on major e-commerce platforms. In early 2016, La Intimo was amongst world's very few brands to come up with the concept of 'Complementing Sets for Couples'. The brand offers an elegant collection of undergarments, including Thongs, G-Strings, Jocks, Trunks, Bikini etc.

Name:Dr. Rasmi Mishra

Company: AllizHealth

Dr. Rasmi Mishra is Co-Founder of AllizHealth, a technology startup in the preventive health space, developing a 'Health Management Platform' that offers solutions, tools and resources to help users identify health risks early, as well as track and manage risks and conditions. This platform comprises three integrated solutions - User Health Risk Assessment, Personal Health Record and Analytics Dashboard. The venture has been founded by a four member team with extensive experience and expertise in healthcare and technology. It has over 700,000 users.

Name:Asad Khan

Company: Tpot

Founded in 2013 by Robin Jha,Asad Khan and Atit Kumar, Tpot is built around the bona fide pleasure of handmade tea. Tpot's focus is to spark fresh cup of conversation - be it a Tulsi tea, masala chai, or kadak ginger tea. It serves around 40 types of freshly-brewed tea in a cafe-like setting. To complete chai-nashta, the company tagline, Tpot serves a diverse range of snacks, including cookies, muffins, sandwiches, vada pav, keema pav, wraps and more.

Name:Karthikeyan Krishnan

Company: Fastura Technologies

Karthikeyan Krishnan is Founder & CEO of Fastura, a mobile app development company for the commodity and equity market. It develops user-friendly mobile apps for technology solutions for trading platforms. Derived from the words Fast and Accurate, the name Fastura stands for the core aspects of exemplary end-user experience. Karthikeyan is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and loves exploring new opportunities to develop mobile and web products. He is a MCA Graduate with 12+ years of experience in Web Usability and UI Designing.

Name:Shilpa Malik

Company: Bioscan Research

Bioscan Research has developed an affordable, non-invasive screening tool for a quick onsite scan that can be effectively used to detect intracranial bleeding. Co-founded by computer engineer Shilpa Malik, the Ahmedabad-based start-up tackles an important problem by developing a practical, easy-to-use device that can help assess an injury's seriousness. It enables early detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by road accidents, falls, violence, or natural calamities. This minimizes the wait time at tertiary care centres by sending non-critical patients to other hospitals.

Name:Devika Srimal

Company: Kanabis

Kanabis is a non-leather, animal-friendly, comfortable and fashionable footwear brand for women. As an animal lover and PETA volunteer, Devika Srimal launched Kanabis in 2015 as a fun, colourful and quirky footwear brand that gives comfortable, long lasting product which is made purely out of ingredients that are vegan. The brand is PETA approved and endorsed by animal loving celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez and many others. Kanabis specialises in women's footwear crafted from leather substitutes like canvas and jute.

Name:Divyanshu Poddar

Company: Rocketeers

Divyanshu Poddar is CEO & Co-Founder of Rocketeers Research Institute, providing educational programs for students and institutions. It teaches students Grade 4 onwards the basics of model rocketing, providing 'Plug and Play Solutions' that can be deployed without disrupting normal activities of the organization. Students learn a step by step path to becoming spacecraft builders of tomorrow, irrespective of location and formal education. Divyanshu quit his job with ISRO to provide children with guidance to become part of the space industry.

Name:Saahil Parekh

Company: Khetify

Saahil Parekh co-founded Khetify with an aim to fuse traditional knowledge of agriculture with 21st century technology to make kheti (farming) contemporary. Khetify develops compost-based modular 'khets' (farms) on vacant rooftops and enables households to grow organic vegetables in as small a space as 200 sq ft. It uses a remote controlled Internet of Things enabled drip irrigation system, which also helps in conserving water. An IIT Kharagpur graduate, Saahil Parekh previously worked as a sustainability researcher at TERI.

Name:Mukesh Bubna

Company: Monexo FinTech

Monexo FinTech is a Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platform in India. Having spent 20 years with Citibank in Asia overseeing credit cards and consumer loans, Founder & CEO Mukesh Bubna launched Monexo with an aim to solve the problem of access to loans at reasonable rates by providing individual savers the opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Monexo does not carry any credit risk on its balance sheet, creates a market place for borrowers and lenders, and provides a secured ecosystem.

Name:Deep Bajaj

Company: Pee Buddy

Deep Bajaj co-founded PeeBuddy in 2014 to provide an innovative solution that protects women from infections resulting from using dirty toilets. PeeBuddy is an easy to carry, disposable tunnel-shaped paper urination device that ergonomically fits between the legs to enable women to stand and urinate. A post graduate from The Australian National University, Deep is focused on Intimate Hygiene and Wellness products that make life simpler for Women, is a TEDx presenter and has won multiple awards.

Name:Rishab Suresh

Company: The Gourmet Jar

Rishab Jain is Co-Founder The Gourmet Jar, a start-up that offers a variety of home-made jams, marmalades and spreads. All its products are handmade in small batches using all-natural ingredients and do not have any preservatives or chemicals. The Gourmet Jar was conceptualised in 2012 by French Teacher & Food Blogger Apeksha Jain. Though she does not have formal training in cooking or making jams, she has enjoyed whipping up delicacies from the young age of 15 years.

Name:Chirag Gupta

Company: Deyor Camps

Chirag Gupta co-founded Deyor Camps, an online platform, to make the process of discovering, verifying and booking a campsite a seamless process. Deyor Camp enables travellers to discover various forms of alternative accommodation, verify details for each campsite, and help campsites to build trust with their potential customers. A graduate from Delhi University, Chirag decided to launch Deyor Camps in 2016 with three friends when they discovered that the adventure travel market was fragmented and unorganised, despite a 200-percent year-on-year growth.

Name:Meghna Saraogi

Company: StyleDotMe

Launched by shopaholic and Delhi-based designer Meghna Saraogi, StyleDotMe helps users get instant fashion advice from fashion experts and friends. The USP of the app is a live-timer option which allows the users to ask for a quick opinion from friends and followers. The user has to post two pictures in different outfits for which they can get votes from friends, fashion bloggers and stylists. StyleDotMe is like a personalised fashion community with over 100+ fashion bloggers associated with the app.

Name:Arjun Chakraborti

Company: TrakInvest

Arjun Chakraborti is President & CEO of TrakInvest, which enables users to try stock market trading in a game-like simulation using virtual money. The platform lets users make mock investments in real companies through real stock exchanges. It has tied up with stock exchanges worldwide to provide real time data - with a lag of 10 seconds. On signing up, users can access news, tools and Rs. 50 lakh in virtual cash, providing a risk-free ecosystem to learn trading on the stock market.

Name:Vijayananda Reddy


Vijayananda Reddy is Founder & CEO of, India's first and only online marketplace that monitors and manages home loan, and a transparent online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on home loans. It established India's first technology enabled 'Loan Facilitation Platform' set up with the aim of empowering offline loan agents with the right technology to make processing of loans smoother, faster and more efficient. All with the single aim of providing a premium service to the customers free of cost.

Name:Pankaj Sharma

Company: Mr. Hot Foods

Pankaj Sharma co-founded Mr. Hot Foods, to bring home-cooked food to its customers in a restaurant style of ordering and standardised packaging. Faced with the dearth of 'home-cooked food' service during their IIT Kharagpur days, Pankaj and his co-founder Achal Bansal decided to solve the problem by starting Mr Hot Foods. The company offers features like multiple delivery addresses, different delivery timeslots for different meals, balance transfer facility, and alteration of meal plans to save the hassle of ordering every day.

Name:Shubhi Agrawal

Company: Loco Buzz

Shubhi Agrawal is Co-Founder of LocoBuzz, an end-to-end online reputation management platform, which provides users with simple yet intuitive dashboards that help increase their efficiency with relevant information. An analytics-based integrated marketing platform, it enables brands to listen, analyse and engage with the right target audience across digital platforms. LocoBuzz facilitates quick turnaround using system-generated alerts to key stakeholders. With features like multiple sentiment analysis and robust reporting system, it provides an in-depth performance analysis across the entire digital ecosystem.

Name:Abhinav Parashar

Company: Digio

Abhinav Parashar is Co-Founder of Digiotech Solutions, a start-up enabling digital transformation in India by providing software platforms for businesses and consumers to bring existing paper based and offline processes online in legally accepted way. The idea of Digio is to build software products for paperless documentation for industries like BFSI, Fintech and Telecom. It has created digital infrastructure to connect the Government, businesses and consumers leveraging Aadhaar. Their customer base includes big brands across Banking, Finance, Insurance, Broking, Real-Estate, Medical, etc.

Name:Arita Abrol

Company: Mr. Med

Mr. Med is an on-demand service for providing the right medical equipment at home. Established by Co-Founders Arita Abrol and Aprameya Rajput, the company aims to make medical equipment in home healthcare understandable, accessible and affordable. Mr. Med also provides on-call assistance and remote monitoring support to build a more connected homecare ecosystem. From purchasing a basic wheelchair, to renting an entire ICU set-up, it helps ease the transition from hospital to home by taking care of all equipment needs.

Name:Sumeet Kumar

Company: Eantra

Sumeet Kumar is Co-Founder of Eantra, a financial services provider. The primary objective of Eantra is to instil confidence in investors and traders with regard to their exposure in the markets. Eantra intends to make trading a hassle-free, paperless and a very transparent experience. Its strategies help investors feel that they are at par with the best in the markets and it is possible to make good money (by investing) or save money (by hedging) with a much personalised advisory from Eantra.

Name:Summit Nayak

Company: Staqu Technologies

Summit Nayak is a founder member and VP-Business of Staqu Technologies, a Gurgaon based Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up that has developed an innovative image-to-image matching system, simplifying image search, automated meta-tag generation and real-time recommendation for e-commerce companies. Staqu aims at solving real world problems by leveraging the unique capabilities and applications of artificial intelligence in image domain amalgamated with textual analysis. It uses AI, deep-learning and image-search technologies that powers fashion e-tailers to simplify catalogue search, drive customer engagement and get higher conversions.

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